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[ Take the 4 liter water challenge ]

Did you know that the average American consumes over 400 liters of water a day – or about 100 gallons? (For those metrically disadvantaged, one gallon equals 3.78 liters.) Did you know that over 800 million people in some parts of the world survive on just 4 liters of water per day? That’s one hundred times less! If you think you’re using more than your fair share, fear not; I still encourage you to stay hydrated and drink your eight glasses of water a day (that’s almost two liters right there).…

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January marks the National Association of Professional Organizers Get Organized (GO) month, a nationwide movement encouraging businesses and individuals alike to clean up, organize and, by doing so, open new doors for living better.

Sounds great, right? But will donating Aunt Clara’s two-sizes-too-big Christmas gifts since 2001, and finally taking all those papers to the recycling center really have an impact on water conservation and you, personally, living more “water responsibly?”

I answer with a resounding YES!…

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[ Green Quiz: Holiday Spending ]

Green Quiz: Holiday Spending

The biggest shopping season would look much different if people chose to purchase goods and services that make a difference. 
If all American households shifted just 20% of holiday spending to green purchases, how much money would be directed to the green economy?

A. $320 million
B. $750 million
C. $3 billion
D. $12 billion

The correct answer is D. $12 billion. Take Green America’s holiday pledge to shop local and sustainable businesses and you can help support the green economy!
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[ Green Christmas ]

Holiday Recycling Tips – Dreaming of a Green Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa

December 7, 2009 – 9:21pm — Matt Kegelman
Recycle this Holiday Season

Let’s face it, the holidays are a time when we create a lot of trash, and most of it destined for a landfill where it will take centuries to decompose, all the while leaching toxins into our environment. But how much of our holiday trash actually has to be thrown away?

Most of the gifts we give and receive during the holiday season come in elaborate packaging that includes cardboard, paper, plastic, Styrofoam and other materials.

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[ Indy’s Air Quality ]

Did you know that Indy’s air quality is not up to the standard it should be?  Join 1 Thing and KnoZone.com to help clean up Indy’s air with some of these quick, simple steps:

1.  Leave your car at home. Indy has almost 2000 miles of bikeways to make biking to work easy and safe!

2.  Carpooling keeps our air clean and saves you money, log on to knozone.com and try out the commuter calculator and start saving today.

3.  Idling is bad for your car, bad for your wallet and bad for our air.…

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[ 10 Super Green Back-to-School Ideas ]

 by Jeanne Roberts There have been 0 comments

It’s that time of year again, as busy mothers round up the necessary pencils, pens, paper and protractors, and kids look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

The purchasing power of moms (and more than 80 million kids) is nothing to sneeze at, which is why we’d like to see the going-back-to-school shopping ritual giving more than a nod to environmental concerns. To that end, we’ve rounded up a set of tips and tricks for making the back-to-school process greener.

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[ Indy’s air quality ]

It may not look like it, but Indy’s air quality is in bad shape.  Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Reduce energy (turn off lights when not in use, use a programmable thermostat)
  • Combine all errands into one trip
  • Bike to work or an errand
  • Fill your gas tank after 6pm and fill it all the way
  • Don’t burn trash or organic yard material in the open
  • Avoid idling for more than 10 seconds in drive-thrus, schools, bank ATMs, etc.
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[ National Dump the Pump Day ]

It’s quickly approaching…National Dump the Pump Day June 19!

Indianapolis has a reputation for being a “car town.” But 1 Thing and IndyGo see it differently. Just doing “1Thing” on June 19 can make a big difference. Check out these facts:

  • On June 19, we  don’t care how you do it (walk, bike, catch the bus, carpool, crawl, hula hoop)—Just dump the pump!
  • IndyGo has 31 routes serving neighborhoods across the city. #whatsyourbus ?
  • All kinds of people ride the bus—in 2013 IndyGo delivered more than 10 million trips, breaking a seven year record.
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[ Electronics Recycling ]

Did you know that in the state of Indiana, it is illegal to throw away electronics? It’s true!  As the pile of used electronics grew as new technologies continue to be unveiled, the state recognized it needed to control the electronic waste. It enacted an electronic waste ban in January 2011.

According to Town Talk of Fishers Magazine, “Electronics contain heavy metals, including lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium that can be harmful if released into the environment. Recycling electronics ensures that contaminates are safely managed and that valuable materials are reclaimed for the manufacturing of new products.”

Check with your local City or Town Hall for options on recycling these electronics.…

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[ Spring Cleaning the “Green Way” ]


By Jessica Root, Planet Green

Andrew Johnson/iStockImage Credit: DCL

Whether it’s the change in weather, the cosmos or our collective human psyche, the spring season always has a way of inspiring us to get rid of the heavy winter stuff weighing us down—from clothing to books, bedding and more.

Though it’ll be tempting to rip through each room and start chucking things into big, Hefty trash bags, think twice.

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[ Donate, Don’t Dump ]

With holiday gift-giving over, you may be left with a pile of products you no longer want, like clothing or electronics that are now outdated. On average, each of us tosses out 4 1/2 pounds of garbage every day!  A lot of that material is perfectly serviceable stuff and could be readily used by others.

Stop by a Salvation Army, Goodwill or independent thrift store, or check out your town’s recycling drop off locations. Shelters for women and families often accept items in decent shape.…

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[ February Fun Without the Waste ]

This Valentine’s Day, show your love for the earth by sending recycled-content greeting cards. Consider making new cards from scrap paper or by attaching new backs to the fronts of old cards—this can be a craft project for family and friends that helps everyone reduce paper waste while saving money! Also consider sending electronic valentines

Suggestion re-posted from the United States EPA website at http://www.epa.gov/epahome/hi-winter.htm#star


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[ Curb Alternatives ]

It doesn’t have to end this way.

  1. Treecycling Programs
    Tree recycling and mulching programs are offered in most towns and cities. Check with your local department of public works on whether your community has a pick up or if you need to drop off your tree to be made into mulch. Also in some places they offer mulch to be picked up for personal use.
  2. Give Cover
    If you would like, you can keep the tree and use the needles as mulch.
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[ 8 ways to make sure your Christmas tree is environmentally friendly ]

The holiday season can invite a number of agonizing decisions, many of which have an impact on our environment. Perhaps the most confusing of all of them is around what some also consider to be the most prized tradition of the holidays: the tree.

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[ Money in My Pocket? Yes, please! ]

Sometimes I think that “deals” or “offers” are too good to be true…and I usually am correct in my thinking. But this offer from EcoHouse Loan actually dispells my usual thinking. EcoHouse Loan is a program from INHP, a trusted nonprofit, the City of Indianapolis and the U.S. Department of Energy. It’s designed to help you afford upgrades on your hope that can ultimately save you money and help the environment. You simply go to EcoHouse.inhp.org to sign up for a free energy assessment of your home.…

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[ Green Traveling Tips ]


Green Traveling: Small Details for a Small Planet by Cliff Barre, a writer for the Peace, Love, and Travel blog

As a guy who wants to explore the planet, but also help save it for future generations, I have picked up a few good tips for eco-friendly travel.  With the right information, you can make your travels both exciting and environmentally responsible.

A truly green vacation actually starts before you leave the house.  To minimize your carbon footprint while you are away, take the time to ensure that your electronics and appliances are not using excess power.  …

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[ An EcoHouse Loan…..Improve Your Home and Save Money ]

Did you know that the right home upgrades can equal money in your pocket! A furnace on the fritz or drafy windows can actually be leaking money from your home. EcoHouse, an INHP program, has the way to help. You can get a free energy assessment (a $650 value), discounts on Energy Star appliances and learn more about an affordable energy efficiency loan program, simply by visiting www.EcoHouse.inhp.org

Stop letting money slip away..visit the site today to learn more.


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[ Beer Powers a Brewery ]

Beer!  And now that we have your attention, check this out


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[ 10 Ideas for 1Thing you can do in the New Year ]

If you are like me, you start every new year with a list of resolutions….and by the middle of January that list can be tossed in the trash!  Why not set yourself for success this year and pick just 1THING to shoot for…and have it be eco-friendly. Check out this list of 10 ideas you can do in this new year to reduce your carbon footprint. Don’t forget…it just takes 1Thing to make a big difference!



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[ Congratulations to Fishers Junior High ]

Congratulations to the students at Fishers Junior High in Fishers, Ind. for winning an iPad for their school from the Indiana Office of Energy Development. Fishers Junior High was one of 30 schools around the state selected to participate in an Energy Action in Schools program, designed to teach the students about energy conservation.

During the program, a team of students patrolled the school ensuring that all classrooms were recycling, turning off lights and computers at the end of each school day and windows were closed when the heat or air conditioner were running.…

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[ Green Tip for the 4th! ]

During the 4th of July, approximately 60 million barbecues are fired up across the U.S., consuming the same amount of energy it would take to power 20,000 homes for an entire year. This is a great time to consider ways to “green” your barbecue.

1.  Choose a cleaner-burning propane or electric grill over one powered by charcoal, which contributes more to poor air quality. Better yet, try a solar oven or stove that avoids emissions altogether.

2. Buy sustainable fish and hormone-free meat for the grill, or skip the meat and mix it up with locally grown veggies or fruit.…

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[ Thermos-Like Passive Homes Aggressively Save Energy (Video) ]

The passive-building standard is catching on in North America, but it also faces challenges.

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[ Fischer Amendment Thwarts Public Lands Protection with Red Tape ]


“The amendment offered by Senator Fischer to the Keystone XL Pipeline legislation proposes to create major roadblocks for popular local programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund that secures access to popular public lands for sportsmen, recreationists and all Americans.

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[ 5 Energy Innovations Dazzle at Detroit Auto Show ]

Annual auto show reveals what cars and trucks of the future might look like.

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[ Following State of the Union, our 2015 priorities ]

The Wilderness Society hopes to build on a year of great accomplishments in 2014 by protecting more wilderness and public lands while continuing to defend bedrock conservation and energy policies that keep air and water clean.


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